Car Manufacturing| How are cars made?

Did you know that cars have lifespan like us? Hyundai Motor Company melts old cars into molten metal as a new resource and makes cars again with the molten metal! Hyundai is the first company that recycles existing cars. Its eco-friendly management aims to reduce environmental pollution. We will see a video to learn about how a car is made from molten metal. Let's go to the Hyundai Motor Factory.

From Molten Metal to a Car

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We're almost at the Hyundai Motor Factory. / Be ready to get off.
  • Here, take this.
  • Huh! Where's everyone?! (They all got off!!)
  • Wow~ Is this the Hyundai Motor Factory? / Aargh!
Hi! I'm 'BLUE' from Hyundai Motor, A guide for you!/ Wait, where's the other one?
  • Other one?
  • Argh! You.. you.. that..
  • Yours? Yes
  • Did you just laugh?
  • I didn't?
  • Yes! you just did!
  • C' mon guys! I'll lead you to the world of Hyundai Motor!
  • (humph)
Where are we Blue? / This is...
  • Iron-ore. And this is the steelworks. / Let's go down!
  • Wow! Cool! Looks like the lava from a volcano.
  • It's molten metal, not lava.
  • I know! Molten metal!
  • That's right. Molten metal becomes very strong steel after many processes. And We make cars with it.
  • Huh? What are they?
  • Looks like scrap metal?
  • No. we call it valuable resource. (V.O) We smelt them in an electric furnace and make new steel.
  • That means we can re-use steel again and again!
  • That's right! So... Do you want to find out how the steel becomes a car?
  • Yes!!
  • Wow! Looks like a sugar-snack press!
  • Hahaha!!
  • (giving a look) (clear throat)
  • Making a car roughly takes five processes
  • The first step is 'Stamping'. The steel plate is bent and cut into various parts.
  • Then robots weld those parts 4800 times to join them together into a chassis.
  • The chassis wears pretty colors during the 'Painting' process.
  • Then we assemble 25,000 different parts, like engine, brakes... and Ta-da! A nice car is born! Wow! Can we get in?
  • Not yet. It cannot be on the road until it passes many safety inspections! Wow! So many cars, I can't even count!
  • We make 1500 cars a day domestically, and 4 million cars a year worldwide. If we place all the cars we've made so far in a line, the line would travel around the world more than twice.
    Wow~ Cool... Molten metal really became a car! Amazing!
  • How could Hyundai Motor become a huge company like this?
  • Because we've made constant efforts, trying to challenge ourselves!
  • 'Pony' in 1974, was our first domestically developed car. The first exported car was 'Excel' to the U.S., in (19)86,
  • In 1991, we self-developed an engine, the heart of the car.
  • And in 2010, our TAU engine won '10 World Best Engines Awards', for the third consecutive year.
  • That's amazing!!
  • Hop in! The real fun begins now. Wow! Where are we? It's huge! This is Hyundai Proving Ground in California. It is the 3rd largest proving ground in the U.S. Wow~ / Yahoo!
  • Hey! It's really noisy... This is the Vehicle Crash Test Site. They will test a head-on collision soon, so don't panic. Wow.. Crash Test!
  • Arghhhhh!! The..the... the.. driver...
  • Calm down. It's a robot called dummy!
  • A robot? That's right. Newly developed cars take various collision tests here hundreds of times. Dummy is an experimental robot used to test passengers' safety . Hahaha
    Ah~ it's hot.
    It's so cold.
  • Hew~ huh! This place...
  • This is the Powertrain Center. In here we research and develop major car parts, like engines, trying to make better cars.
    Cool! They must be car designers!
    You're interested in paintings, right?
  • Do you know that it takes more than 30,000 drawings to make one car design? Because all of us do our bests in each field like this,Hyundai motor has become a global company, which has more than 6,000 sales networks, in over 180 countries world wide.
  • Wow, the car was transformed!
    This is Hyundai's concept car for the future.
    Yes. The designs for no exhaust gases, less fossil fuel, and
    recyclable cars will protect the future environment.
    Not only the technology development, But, Hyundai Motor company participate
    in many social contribution activities throughout the world, to
    make a world that everyone can live a happy life.
    They are really doing good deeds.
  • Also, we contribute to world peace and harmony by supporting various sports games, including the World Cup, which unites Globe.
    I see./ Interested in volunteer activities?
    Yes! Now I'm mostly doing community service, but when I go to college, I want
    to be a member of Global Youth Volunteers.
    Wow that sounds cool! I'll do my best to make my dreams come true!
    Sorry that I laughed at you before, but you're really good at drawing.
    Aaa.. that was childish.
    OK! Time to go back!
    I had a nice time today.
    Me too!
    We're almost at the Hyundai Motor Factory. / Be ready to get off.
    It was a dream... / (sigh) thought we became friends...
    Come on. Don't be alone again.
    C' mon, we're late.
    Wait.. I... I...
Thank you Hyundai Motor!