Characters talk| Meet the brand story of a modern car.

hyundai high tech car

Nice to meet you! I am a car and my name is Blue will. I bet you must be curious about me. Let's find out everything about me as well as SSINGSSINGEE who was actively working before I was born!

Place of birth
Research Institute of Hyundai Motor Company
Year of Birth
Origin of Name
A combination of blue (eco-friendly) and will (firm character), meaning an eco-friendly car being full of hope
The longer I travel with eco-friendly energy, the more the environment can be purified!
Chic Blue
Righteous (showing anger at injustice), friendly and outgoing (having a lot of friends)

I would like to introduce my friends living with me in the Vroom land!

hyundai pinko car character


Honk! My name is PINKO! I am a high-tech car created along with Bluewill by Dr. Plug. I have a special ability. I can fly in the sky using wind energy.

car accelerator character


Hi, my name is ACCEL! Everyone thinks I'm a naughty boy. But, I want to become a world skateboarding champion when I grow up. My dad, Dr. Plug, is working for Hyundai Motor Company and making eco-friendly cars. Today, I am going to sneak into my dad's laboratory and see his eco-friendly cars with my friend RADI. Do you want to come with us?

car radiator character


Pleased to meet you! I am RADI. I like my friend ACCEL because he is good and strong-minded even though sometime he is somewhat off-the-wall and mischievous. I'm very excited to visit Dr. Plug's laboratory with ACCEL. I'm a smart girl dreaming of becoming a great scientist like Dr. Plug!

Place of Birth
Technology Research Center of Hyundai Motor Company
Year of Birth
Origin of Name
In Korean, the sound of the wind "Ssingssing" + "Chal dallinda" meaning to run well = "SSINGSSINGEE"
Can transform into a robot when necessary, and teach a lesson to baddies who always cause trouble!
Live a good and healthy life by helping others!
Supercar of Justice!
Has a strong sense of justice, friendly and outgoing with a lot of friends.


Hyundai eco friendly car stage 1

I was born a 2D character. Cute, wasn't I? At that time, I had a function to transform into a flying vehicle!

Hyundai eco friendly car stage 2

I was upgraded to a 3D character in 2003 and given telematics functionality. How cool do I look?

Hyundai eco friendly car stage 3

Here we go! This is my latest look from my last upgrade. I was reborn as a new SSINGSSINGEE with the very polished look of a shiny automobile!