The birth of the automobile| Let's find out how cars were born

Hello, friends! Cars are everywhere around us these days. Here we will find out what kind of transportation we used before automobiles was invented, and the changes that have taken place.

Birth of a car

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The development history of cars beginning with the prehistoric age on earth -
  • The Birth of the Wheel About 6000 B.C.
  • The Advent of the Carriage Circa 3000 B.C.
  • Securing fast transportation by using horses
Pursuing Mechanization
  • Leonardo da Vinci drew out sketches of world's first self-propelled vehicle in 1482
  • Simon Stevin's invention of the wind-powered vehicle in 1599
Steam Car
  • Nicolas Joseph Cugnot's invention of the world's first steam-driven vehicle in 1769
The Invention of vehicles powered by fuel
  • The Internal Combustion Engine - Lenoir's invention of the two-stroke internal combustion engine in 1859
  • The Gasoline Engine - Otto's invention in Germany of the four-cylinder gasoline engine in 1876
  • The Gasoline Car
  • Carl Benz's invention in Germany of the tricar with a gasoline engine in 1885
  • Daimler's invention in Germany of an automobile with a gasoline engine in 1885
  • The Inflatable Car Tire - The Michelin brothers' provision in France of driver's safety and convenience in 1895
Mass Production Era
  • Commencement of the modernization era with mass production by Ford in 1913
  • Acceleration of Technical Development
  • Safety Glass in 1926
  • Safety Belt in 1936
  • Increased R&D, High speed, Safety
  • Developing the 21th century's alternative energy-driven cars >
  • Environment / Hybrid