Traffic Safety Campaign

Robocar Poli Traffic Safety Campaign

We all dream of a safe world without traffic accident.
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Hyundai Motor's 'Safe Move' campaign is the company's effort to reinforce traffic safety so that everyone can walk around safely and both drivers and pedestrians can enjoy safe environment. Safe Move campaign is based on the concept of 'Safe World that We Make Together' , providing traffic safety education for children, preventing accidents on the road, and supporting victims of traffic accidents, as part of Hyundai Motor's effort to contribute to traffic safety

About the campaign

'Traffic Safety Story with Poli', which was launched for traffic safety of children around the world, is a social contribution project conducted by Hyundai Motor Company, Roi Visual, Citizens' Coalition for Safety, and EBS. Various online and offline campaigns are being conducted in Korea and elsewhere, by using 26 episodes of 'Traffic Safety Story with Poli.'

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'Traffic Safety Story with Poli' unfolds in 3-stage structure, based on 'Poli', a character that is widely popular among children, and real-life cases, for children to easily understand.

  • traffic accidents kids

    Children's traffic accidents in real life

  • traffic accidents solved by police

    Solving the case with Poli and his friends

  • traffic safety education kids

    Traffic safety education in theory

Robocar Poli is an original animation created by Roi Visual, and <Traffic Safety Story with Poli> is a joint production of Hyundai Motor Company and Roi Visual, created as traffic safety education content based on characters from Robocar Poli.

Hyundai's safe move campaign will educate and empower children about road safety.

'Let's make a safe move to Safe India'

- Shri Nitin Gadkari | Honorable Minister
   Ministry of Road Transport & Highways and Shipping

I join Hyundai on the drive for road safety and urge all of you too to follow traffic rules all times, so we are safe on roads and enjoy drive with Hyundai. Traffic safety campaign will raise awareness about Road safety in an easy to understand & fun manner

- Shah Rukh Khan | Hyundai Corporate Brand Ambassador

Campaign Regions

Robocar Poli Traffic Safety Campaign is based on the animation (Traffic Safety Story with Poli) which is broadcast on national TV channels in various countries including India, and promoted via YouTube and online as well. In addition, offline events such as ‘School Contact Program,' and RWA Connect',are used as a venue for more interesting and effective traffic safety campaign.

  • TV & Media
    Traffic Safety Story with Poli season 1 production on
    • Hungama TV Channel
    • Hyundai official YouTube channel
  • Offline Event
    • School Contact Program
    • Resident Welfare Association Program

Global media status (TV and online)

'Traffic Safety Story with Poli' is being prepared for broadcasting and service in 8 languages with 15 media partners, and will be expanded in more than 10 languages in the future

global traffic safety police campaign youbuteVisit the official YouTube channel