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Traffic Safety Theater

Traffic Safety Poli is here for all children around the world.
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[Ep.26]King of the Traffic Safety Quiz

Poli: (transfm reacts)
Poli: (V.O.) King of the traffic safety quiz
Tim: To solve this - you just do - that. (giggle react)
Jenny: Ah! Like that. (laugh react)
Doug: (reacts) (ugh react)
Kevin: (OFF) That's it! I (ON) give up. (moaning reacts)
Doug: (OFF) (huh react) (ON) They're having a traffic safety quiz?
Jenny: (huh react) Are you going to enter it, Doug?
Doug: (huh react)
Doug: Yeah. Uh-hmm.
Jenny: (react) Awesome. Tim Toby are going to enter as a team. Are you?
Tim: (reacts)
Doug: (uh react) I'm - with Kevin.
Jenny: (reacts)
Tim: (react) Kevin you? (laugh react)
Jenny: Good luck. I've got a feeling - that you'll need it.
Tim: (huh react)
Doug: Kevin. Do the quiz with me. Please.
Kevin: (huh react) (hm-mm react)
Kevin: Why would I volunteer to take a quiz?
Doug: (uh react) Kevin!!!
Toby: Are they really entering?
Tim: (BACK) Yeah. Somebody's got to win last place. (laugh react) (ENDS OFF)
Toby: (laugh react) (ENDS OFF)
Doug: (sigh react)
Kevin: I'm in.
Doug: (huh react)
Kevin: The traffic safety quiz!
Doug: Kevin!
Kevin: And we're gonna win it!
Doug: (react) Oh, yeah! (laugh react)
Kevin: (laugh react)
Jin: (FAR) Good afternoon, lovely citizens of Broom's Town. (STARTS OFF)
Crowd: (cheering react)
Jin: (FAR/OFF) We will now begin the children’s traffic safety quiz competition!
Tim: (reacts)
Kevin: (nervous reacts)
Doug: (reacts)
Mairy: (react)
Kevin: Doug. I'm not shaking, am I?
Doug: (huh react) Yeah.
Kevin: (nervous reacts) Whoa! (tremble react) I'm nervous! (tremble react)
Doug: (ugh react)
Jin: And now, here's question number one.
Jin: (OFF) How do you safely cross at a crosswalk which does not have a signal?
Tim: Answer! You check to see if there are any cars coming. You wait f them to stop, then raise your hs cross.
Toby: (reacts)
Jin: (OFF) Yes! That is crect!
Dad: (cheering reacts)
Amber: (cheering reacts)
Suji: (cheering reacts)
Mom: (cheering reacts)
Jenny: (cheering reacts)
Poli: (cheering reacts)
Boy Beside Jenny: (cheering reacts)
Man With Glasses: (cheering reacts)
Cindy: (cheering reacts)
Taxi: (cheering reacts)
Jin: (OFF) The red team now has 50 points!
Tim: (laugh react)
Toby: (react)
Kevin: (trembling reacts)
Doug: (ugh react) Kevin …
Jin: (OFF) Okay, the next question is …
Jin: (OFF) If you are on a bicycle you want to cross the road, what do you do?
Kevin: (trembling reacts)
Doug: (react)
Mairy: You get off of your bicycle, you push it across the street.
Penny: (reacts)
Kevin: (huh react)
Jin: Green team! Crect!
Crowd: (cheering react)
Doug: (reacts)
Tim: (reacts)
Toby: (reacts)
Mairy: (reacts)
Penny: (reacts)
Toby: Cars can't stop right away because it takes them some distance to brake.
Tim: (reacts)
Penny: You must always wear a seatbelt every time that you ride in a car.
Mairy: (reacts)
Kevin: (uh react) I pushed the button by mistake. (reacts)
Doug: (reacts)
Crowd: (laugh reacts)
Tim: (laugh reacts)
Toby: (laugh reacts)
Penny: (laugh reacts)
Mairy: (laugh reacts)
Jenny: Kevin! Doug! Come on!!!!
Boy Beside Jenny: (reacts)
Cleany: (react)
Dad: Come on, guys!
Mom: Come on, guys!
Suji: (cheering reacts)
Kevin: (wow react)
Doug: (wow react)
Jin: (ON) Next question: Who is in the (OFF) most dangerous situation?
Kevin: (reacts)
Tim: Answer! Four!
Toby: (react)
Jin: Wrong. I’m sry.
Jin: (OFF) Yes, yellow team!
Kevin: (OFF) (grunt react) (ON) (huh react) Noo. (react)
Doug: (reacts)
Man With Glasses: (laugh reacts)
Taxi: (laugh reacts)
Cleany: (laugh reacts)
School B: (laugh reacts)
Cindy: (closed-mouth laugh reacts)
Kevin: (uh react) (OFF) That’s right! I remember Poli rescuing me when I was at the cner of the street!
Kevin: (playing reacts) (scared/rescued reacts)
Doug: (playing reacts) (scared/rescued reacts)
Poli: (reacts)
Kevin: Yes! The answer is Number two! The cner is most dangerous!
Doug: (reacts)
Jin: That's right!
Dad: (cheering reacts) (ENDS OFF)
Suji: (cheering reacts) (ENDS OFF)
Mom: (cheering reacts) (ENDS OFF)
Jenny: (cheering reacts) (ENDS OFF)
Boy Beside Jenny: (cheering reacts) (ENDS OFF)
Cindy: (cheering reacts) (ENDS OFF)
Taxi: (cheering reacts) (ENDS OFF)
Cleany: (cheering reacts) (ENDS OFF)
Poli: (cheering reacts) (ENDS OFF)
Man With Glasses: (cheering reacts) (ENDS OFF)
Little Redhaired Girl: (cheering reacts) (ENDS OFF)
Jin: (OFF) Yellow team now has 50 points!
Kevin: (reacts)
Doug: (reacts)
Mairy: (reacts)
Tim: (reacts)
Toby: (reacts)
Jin: Now the next question! Where is the (OFF) proper place to ride your scooter in-line skates?
Tim: (reacts)
Toby: (reacts)
Kevin: (reacts)
Doug: (reacts)
Mairy: (reacts)
Jin: (OFF) 1. The parking lot. 2. An alley. 3. A construction site. 4. The playground.
Kevin: (reacts)
Doug: (reacts) (STARTS OFF)
Jin: (OFF) Yes, Yellow Team! Can they get this one right?
Doug: (OFF) I remember … even an alley side street with less cars on it can be dangerous! You should ride where there are no cars.
Kevin: (reacts)
Doug: (reacts)
Beige Car: (reacts)
Poli: (reacts)
DougAnswer: Playground! Because there are no cars there.
Jin: (OFF) That is crect!
Crowd: (cheering reacts)
Kevin: (yay reacts)
Doug: (yay reacts)
Mairy: (hmm react)
Tim: (hmm react)
Jin: (OFF) Okay, here comes the next question! When it snows...
Tim: Don't wear white clothes, keep your hs out of your pockets.
Mairy: You are 18 times me likely to get into the accident so don't do it!
Doug: Avoid the road in front of construction site take the other route!
Jin: (OFF) Wow, it's a very close game! (ON) And now it's time f the final question. This question is wth a hundred points.
Jin: (OFF) Whoever gets this question will be the winner!
Dad: (reacts)
Amber: (reacts)
Suji: (reacts)
Mom: (reacts)
Jenny: (reacts)
Boy Beside Jenny: (reacts)
Poli: (reacts)
Man With Glasses: (reacts)
Taxi: (reacts)
Cindy: (reacts)
Cleany: (reacts)
Jin: What are the three most imptant thing you should know in der to avoid car accidents?
Tim: (react)
Toby: (react)
Doug: (react)
Kevin: (react)
Mairy: (react)
Jin: (OFF) Yes, Green team!
Mairy: (huh react) Well, (uh reacts)
Penny: (reacts)
Kevin: (reacts)
Doug: (reacts)
Jin: (OFF) Okay, the red team has a chance now!
Toby: (uh react) When you're crossing at the crosswalk, the green light is flashing…
Tim: (reacts)
Jin: (OFF) Oh no! That is not a crect answer!
Jin: (OFF) Now the yellow team has a chance!
Tim: (reacts)
Toby: (reacts)
Kevin: (reacts)
Doug: (reacts)
Mairy: (reacts)
Penny: (reacts)
Jenny: Kevin! Doug! Good luck!
Mom: (reacts)
Boy Beside Jenny: (reacts)
Man With Glasses: (reacts)
Kevin: (huh reacts)
Doug: (huh reacts)
Kevin: (OFF) That’s right! Remember we were running to Jenny’s house? We almost got into accident while crossing the road!
Doug: (OFF) Yeah, then Poli taught us what to do!
Kevin: (reacts)
Doug: (reacts)
Poli: (reacts)
Hooper: (reacts)
Kevin: (reacts)
Doug: (reacts)
Kevin: Number one: get in the habit of stopping!
Doug: Number two: make eye contact with drivers.
Kevin: And three …
Kevin: Always keep your eyes on the car while you're crossing!
Doug: Always keep your eyes on the car while you're crossing!
Jin: (OFF) Yes, yellow team! (FAR) That is crect!
Tim: (reacts)
Toby: (reacts)
Mairy: (reacts)
Penny: (reacts)
Crowd: (cheering reacts)
Kevin: (cheering reacts)
Doug: (cheering reacts)
Kevin: We won!!!!! (reacts) Yeah!
Doug: We did it!!!!!!!! (reacts)
Kevin: (reacts)
Doug: (reacts)
Jenny: Way to go!
Jin: Good job, boys!
Roy: Good job. (STARTS OFF)
Mom: Good job, boys!
Dad: Good job!
Suji: Good job!
Poli: Good job, boys!
Tim: Good job! (STARTS OFF)
Mairy: Good job, boys!
Cleany: Good job!
Helly: Good, now squeeze in, smile (OFF) everybody. (ON) Great. (take-off react)
Amber: (posing react)
Penny: (posing react)
Roy: (posing react)
Cindy: (posing react)
Toby: (posing react)
Jenny: (posing react)
Jin: (posing react)
Doug: (posing react)
Kevin: (posing react)
Mom: (posing react)
Poli: (posing react)
Suji: (posing react)
Dad: (posing react)
Tim: (posing react)
Mairy: (posing react)
Cleany: (posing react)
School B: (posing react)
Amber: (OFF) (uh-oh react) (ON) (whoa react) (laugh react)
Penny: (OFF) (uh-oh react) (ON) (whoa react) (laugh react)
Roy: (OFF) (uh-oh react) (ON) (whoa react) (laugh react)
Cindy: (OFF) (uh-oh react) (ON) (whoa react) (laugh react)
Toby: (OFF) (uh-oh react) (ON) (whoa react) (laugh react)
Jenny: (OFF) (uh-oh react) (ON) (whoa react) (laugh react)
Jin: (OFF) (uh-oh react) (ON) (whoa react) (laugh react)
Doug: (OFF) (uh-oh react) (ON) (whoa react) (laugh react)
Kevin: (OFF) (uh-oh react) (ON) (whoa react) (laugh react)
Mom: (OFF) (uh-oh react) (ON) (whoa react) (laugh react)
Poli: (OFF) (uh-oh react) (ON) (whoa react) (laugh react)
Suji: (OFF) (uh-oh react) (ON) (whoa react) (laugh react)
Dad: (OFF) (uh-oh react) (ON) (whoa react) (laugh react)
Tim: (OFF) (uh-oh react) (ON) (whoa react) (laugh react)
Mairy: (OFF) (uh-oh react) (ON) (whoa react) (laugh react)
Cleany: (OFF) (uh-oh react) (ON) (whoa react) (laugh react)
School B: (OFF) (uh-oh react) (ON) (whoa react) (laugh react)
Helly: (ON) (whoa react) (laugh react)


  • 1. When crossing the street, stop first look both sides.
  • 2. Always wear safety belt when riding in a car, remember to check both sides when getting off the car
  • 3. Ride bicycle, kick boards inline skates only at designated safe places.

Theme song of Traffic safety story with POLI

Isn't this a beautiful day?
Let's go out on an adventure. 
The cars are zooming away
Come on, let's go out play.

Where do you want to go?
Sometimes I just don’t know

If you are here with me, though,
I will  be okay!

When we're running,
When we're riding,
Oh, it's always so exciting.

But when we're slipping
And we're sliding,
Then he shows up right away.

When we need
Him he'll reach us.
He will help
Us teach us.
He is our friend.
Oh, he's Robocar Poli.

He is al-
Ways beside us.
To protect
Us guide us.
Our friend,
Until the end.

We're learning traffic safety
Every day
with Poli.​